Robin Schmitt

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FLAGLER BEACH — The dead man whose naked body washed ashore in Flagler Beach in June has been identified as a 64-year-old Delaware man who had relocated to St. Augustine in March, according to Flagler Beach Police Detective Liz Williams.
Robert "Rob" N. Schmitt's body was found about 11 p.m. June 8 in the surf about 100 yards north of the North 13th Street walkover. Days later the St. Johns County Medical Examiner's Office reported to Police Chief Dan Cody that he "was the victim of a homicide by gunshot."
Schmitt arrived in St. Augustine in an older model, possibly 1983, white Volvo station wagon, Williams said. The car was not registered to him and has not been found.
"Rob was known to fish around the Matanzas Inlet and was known to frequent the area of downtown St. Augustine on foot and may have appeared to be homeless," Williams said Tuesday in a written statement.
When Schmitt's body was first found, Williams said he was in good health, that his teeth were intact and cared for, his nails clipped and that he did not appear to be transient.
"He was very intelligent," she said, noting he had a law degree. "He was also very quirky. He would have known where resources, like a soup kitchen, were available. I don't think he would have eaten from a trash can."
Williams said Schmitt has several siblings throughout the U.S. but that he was a "loner" and wasn't close with any of them.
"He wasn't really close with any of them, but his absenteeism was noticed," Williams said of Schmitt having missed a major family event.
Initially, investigators thought the body might have been in the water for several days but later determined he was dead before he was put in the water.
Fingerprints and dental records failed to provide immediate information to help investigators identify Schmitt. He applied for a civilian position through the military, Williams said, and was eventually identified because of it.
The only apparent connection Schmitt has to Flagler Beach or Flagler County is that it is where his body was found.
There were no signs that he had been bound, Williams said. Initial police reports said he had received "a small-caliber gunshot wound."
"We are focusing our efforts on St. Augustine right now," Williams said. "We are trying to determine where he was and who he was talking to in the days before his death."


Robin Schmitt was not some insane homeless man. He suffered from Asperger's Syndrome that caused him to be socially awkward. It was noticable during our Reunions that he was different than most of us. He engaged me, at least, inside my "zone of comfort" and rambled with his stories. However, most of us found him to be smart, thoughtful, and entertaining; even charming in an eccentric sort of way. Sometimes, when people have trouble fitting in, their story ends in tragedy. --Bruce Hotmer